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2020-02-20 13:56


For people who are new in foreign trade, most of you don’t know about various kinds of unwritten rules therefore you get trapped by accident. I hope you can penetrate these after reading this article. 


Means of transportation 
Are you familiar with jargons of international shipping? 
几天前谈好一个客户,只要是发货就可以了,可是货代跟我说要收220美金的运费!我估算运费就80美金。跟客户交流知道,他要求我“FOB”。然后算了FOB 的价格就报给客户了,可原来他说的是CIF,白白亏了140美金。 
Few days ago, everything was done except delivery. But forwarder asked me for 220 dollars of freight! I reckoned that the freight was 80 dollars. I talked to customers. FOB he said. I calculated the cost and I told customers while he was talking about CIF. I lost 140 dollars. 
其实很多业务员,包括老外的客户,他们并不是清晰的了解每一个贸易术语, 在交涉中,就像EXW与FOB 也经常混用一样, 有时候他们表达的是一个意思。所以在弄清楚货运方式的情况下, 要与客户和货代确认。 
In fact, lots of traders including foreign customers don’t know quite about each standard trade terms. During the negotiation, they often mix EXW and FOB but sometimes they want to express one meaning. So we should ensure it with customers and forwarders about means of transportation. 


Payment method 
我们常用的付款方式有T/T, PayPal, Western Union.那这三个付款方式清楚吗? 
We usually use T/T, PayPal and Western Union. Are you clear about these? 
客户好不容易答应了我的价格,就想快点让客户付款,好把订单捏在手里,但客户说他不会用T/T, 那我说用西联吧,但是西联整了2天都还没整好,再整客户都要跑了,于是提议客户用Paypal,殊不知paypal扣了我两百多手续费。 
Customers finally agreed with my price. Then I wanted him pay quickly and I would be in relief. But the customers said he didn’t know how to use T/T. I suggested him use Western Union while Western Union didn’t make it quick. I suggested the customers use PayPal but PayPal charged me 200 dollars as handling charge. 
1) Paypal :Paypal的手续费是阶梯式的3.9%+0.3USD~~2.9%+0.3USD。这个是按你的月收款额来决定你下个月的费率的!Payal是适合小金额的收款,大概是几百美金到几千美金。现在的PP用户,都是让买家来负担手续费的,一般在你的产品报价上加到4.4%就可以了。 
PayPal: Handling charge of PayPal is multistep as 3.9%+0.3USD~~2.9%+0.3USD. Your rate of next month is in according to your monthly amount received. PayPal is suitable for small volume collection which ranges from serveral hundred dollars to serveral thousand dollars. Nowadays, PayPal users have the purchasers bear handling charge. Generally, it is 4.4% of your quoted price. 
2)western union:收款迅速,几分钟到账。阿连也曾经说过西联的用法,想回顾的连粉可以点进去看看: 
《别告诉我你懂操作西联汇款 How to Use Western Union?【第1103期】》 
Western Union: With Western Union, you can receive money rapidly. I have released an article about usage of Western Union, you can go and take a look: 
《 How to Use Western Union?》 
2) T/T:直接汇款到银行帐户,从打款至到账一般需要2-10天的时间,各个国家时间有所不同。一般用于大金额,收款安全。 
T/T: It remits directly to bank account. It takes 2 to 10 days from remittance to final receipt. The time varies from countries to countries. It is used when referring to large sum of money and it is very safe.  
Factroy’s shipping time 
We promise we’d deliever the goods on time but we didn’t make it. We may be criticized by customers and in more serious cases, we may be asked to compensate for customers’ loss. 
有一个大客户, 要货紧, 我再三跟工厂强调一定要15号出货而且允诺客户15号出货, 结果今天一问,还需要10天。 
A major account wanted the goods fast. I repeatedly told the plants that the goods should be done before 15th and I promised customers we would deliver on 15th. Consequently, it still needed 10 days more. 
First, we should promise customers that we would deliver the goods 5 to 15 days later on the base of factory’s delivery time. 
Second, if it is very urgent, we should tell customers we are not able to finish the task. We can ask them if partial shipment is OK. If the answer is yes, we should pay attention to the extra fees and freight. 
Uncertain quoted price 
This is very common among the freshmen. They are not familiar with the price but they must respond promtly. So most of them made the offer. Finally, the quoted price is lower than it should be. You can’t explain and you can’t increase the price. 
工厂说原料涨价了,成本增高,我要跟客户解释吗? 可是客户会觉得我做事不靠谱,不愿意跟我合作了?如果不加价,就亏了,那肯定不行的,怎么办? 
Manufacturer says there is a raise in price of raw materials. Should I explain to customers about the price increase? But what if customers think that I am unreliable and are not willing to cooperate with me? If I don’t increase the pric 
e, I will loss money. That’s not going to happen. What should I do? 
The price is the key of an order. If you are sure about the price, I don’t suggest you make the offer. You should make the offer after you are clear about the price. If the price is too high, the customers won’t give a care about you. If the price is too low, you’ll complete a failed order. Supposing that the customer has shown their intention, you should admit straight forward that you made the wrong offer. It may help you regain the order if you plead for their forgiveness. 
Many freshmen are new in company and they are not familiar with the progress. It will be very troublesome if they make mistakes on making orders, amount, figure and names of products. 
我把数量写错了,0和O连在一起工厂的人看错了,本来是100ODERS ,厂的人急忙之下看成了1000。 
I made an mistake on amout. It should have been 100 ODERS but the manufacturer mistaked it as 1000. 
The invoices must be checked repeatly because it stands for orders. If it gets wrong, we will have to pay a heavy price to repair.

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